Social Networking


PAARL also began its involvement in social networking activities to further reach out and interact with its members in the mid-2000s. In May 2005, PAARL launched, through the initiative of its past president, Fe Angela M. Verzosa, an e-discussion group at the Yahoo Groups site. It has now the biggest number of subscribers among local library organizations.

It has also created in February 2007 its own Wiki, organized and maintained by its past president (for 2000 and 2004) Fe Angela M. Verzosa. As a Library 2.0 initiative of PAARL, this project was originally intended to be a hybrid book and wiki, presenting links to research articles, case studies, conference papers, lecture presentations, technical and country reports, and profiles on Philippine Librarianship, Libraries in the Philippines, Library Schools in the Philippines, Library Standards for Philippine Libraries, Outstanding Filipino Librarians, Library Organizations in the Philippines, and Useful Links under any library-related subject. PAARLWiki ( eventually serves not only as a sourcebook and pathfinder to the rich resources available locally and through the Internet, but also as a tool to enable the library community to share new information and resources on Philippine Librarianship.

PAARL as a Facebook group was created in April 2009, while PAARL and PAARLWiki at Facebook, as fan pages, were created in August of the same year. Towards the end of 2009, PAARL Online, the online gateway to information on PAARL, was launched as the association’s official website (, all created and maintained by the 2000 and 2004 President, Fe Angela M. Verzosa.