Scholarship Grants

In addition to the yearly activities of providing quarterly informal forums and the annual conferences or seminars, PAARL created a scholarship program to assist academic or research librarians in their professional growth.

The Mary Polk Memorial Award, funded by the first President of PAARL, the late Miss Marina G. Dayrit, is to honor the life and accomplishments of Mary Polk, the first librarian of the University of the Philippines, who started the first formal library training program in the state university. This scholarship grant is given to a student pursuing a master's in library or information science at the University of the Philippines.

The second grant for professional development and research is the Master’s Thesis Fellowship Grant intended to foster research in academic librarianship by financing graduate students in library/information science on their thesis research and/or thesis writing. The amount of P 10,000 is taken from the interest income of PAARL's Scholarship Fund, which is sourced from the ten percent of the proceeds from the yearly operating income of the Association.

The third is a one-time award granted to any member to enable him/her to attend an international conference and/or to read a paper to be presented in such conference. This international sponsorship award is granted depending on the availability of funds. Members who apply for sponsorship are given the maximum of P 10,000 per grantee to cover transportation cost or registration fee in the international event. Grantees must render a report and/or conduct an echo seminar upon his/her return from said seminar or conference.

Other grants are in the form of sponsorships to seminars or conferences given to two (2) active members every year, whose registration fees are waived to enable them to attend these activities. Past presidents are also given 50% discount on registration fees to encourage them to attend seminars. The complete list of grantees is available on our official website.